iPad Killer: Google Unveils Its Android Tablet


While the project is still a way to hit the market, Google Android head Andy Rubin gave members of the public and the press conference on Mobile Diving out a Tablet PC without buttons that run on the system Android.

The cushion is comparable in size to Apple iPad, but no buttons. This is a departure from previous hardware for Android, which included four buttons, and Rubin, said this change was intentional. The pad is oriented matter which depends. A button that makes this confusing, so they went without it.

The tablet runs on a new version of the Android operating system and can include video conferencing and chat skills, simplified menus and a three-dimensional version of Google Maps. Android and Motorola are developing this murderer IPAD.

This is the first time Google has given the public a view of the hardware works as expected, and it was just enough to whet your appetite for more. No date has been set for release, other than to say “next year.”


iPod Nano Watch Breaks Kickstart.com Funding Record

It is difficult being an entrepreneur these days with the cost being so high in the global market. From this problem, sites were developed as Kickstarter.com allowed people to donate to projects that they felt worthy of funding.

You can only get $ 10 or $ 20 per person, but to donate thousands of people, and people have received thousands of dollars for their projects, and inventions to the movies. Recently, the idea of someone to create an iPod Nano clock won $ 600,000 in 20 hours, breaking all records for Kickstarter.com.

The idea came from a former Nike creative director who had experience in the development of watches in the mega shoe company. He got the idea when Steve Jobs said the new nano is so small that it can be used, so the iPod Nano clock was born.

The clock does not actually come with a Nano, however, is a bracelet that people can add to your Nano when they leave. Two types were developed. One allows people to take the Nano in and out at leisure, and the second becomes a permanent base for the Nano.

IM Emoticons: Are They Necessary or Annoying?



I’m not a big talker, either in person or over the Internet. Being a professional writer mainly Internet-based clients, I often chat online via Skype on a job or another, and I always notice the large number of emoticons that are available for use.

As a writer, I have always been the best to express my emotions through words and descriptions. Is the population and trade in my business and I’ve always found that the use of emoticons a bit … well … annoying. Do not get me wrong, I myself have fallen prey to the occasional smiley face kiss kiss when my wife was in the chat, but I’m always going to need the smiley that tilts or clapping?

I’m soon going to find myself on the receiving end of a digital karate fight and I feel the need to pay my respects before cyber battle? I do not think so. I’m soon going to enter “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and have to fight my wife of seven exes? If it did, then I bet that ninja smiley would be useful.

Sometimes it is not the emoticon that is annoying, but rather the frequent use of them. I understand that I can be happy while talking to me, but I do not need to see a smiling face at the beginning and end of each post.

The Age of WikiLeaks: Military Bans Portable Data Devices


Following the scandal WikiLeaks Julian Assange, many military agencies, under the threat of court martial, banned the use of flash drives, CD and DVD for data storage.

Called the Cyber Control Order, members of the armed forces are to cease and desist the use of removable storage devices connected to the secret data from the Department of Defense SIPRNet network. This is after thousands of classified documents were published.

According to reports, a soldier discharged hundreds of thousands of classified documents on a CD marked as Lady Gaga. I guess I could not see your poker face, either. Then he turned the CD on the site Wikileaks.

Although it was established under the name of security, this new order will be more difficult for members of the armed forces to do their job, and removable media that these were the most common form of information that is transferred from one computer to another. Maybe they just should prohibit Lady Gaga military means.

Any portable devices captured soldiers of the unit may be a court martial under Article 92, failure to obey an order or regulation. I think the army is taking the wrong approach to keep the data sorted out.

Operation Payback: Gawker Hit by Hackers

The popular Web site Gawker was recently hacked in retaliation Wikileaks treatment. This was no harmless prank, and instead released the source code and private e-mail conversations of employees of Gawker. The real danger is that other hackers can use this information to obtain the passwords of users of Gawker, and some have already been broken. The hackers released a 500-megabyte file and contains information for the world to see. Gawker was not the only web site hacked in the Gawker family, either. Gadget site Gizmodo, and Jezebel pop culture site were also affected by these special hackers. Files containing passwords for users and staff were available at the website, and people were sharing files over bit torrent. Several websites have been hacked recently after the publication of classified information by WikiLeaks and treatment of the founder and the company. Call it Operation Return, the hackers are attacking sites that have denied WikiLeaks and advertising service, Twitter and Gawker and now PayPal.

Microsoft hopes dashed loving her latest xBox 360

Contrary to rumors spread in the past, revealed REUTERS news agency on the information that Microsoft has no intention to add support for Blu-ray technology platform Games XBox 360. Where said Aaron Greenberg Director responsible for the Xbox platform games Reuters “Xbox is in talks with Sony, not even with the Association of Blu-ray on the integration of Blu-ray technology in the organs of 360 Xbox “

The recent Sony President Stan Glasgow that the two American competitors in the industry components (Hardware) world of video games are based on the techniques of negotiating Blu-ray, on the same day Steve Ballmer telling the media that Microsoft will support Blu-ray technology soon and that it was not Time explicitly states, including support for the XBox 360 of Technology.

And if correct, this information – and a declaration that comes from the most senior official of the XBox, which means a substantial risk to their health – the hope of acquisitions Xbox 360 games platform to support additions to deal with the cylinders of Blu-Ray has dissipated.


SEGA Games is a new signal the brain

SEGA seems that the return will add more firmness in the video game market soon, since most competition between Sony, which started controlling the market Blu-ray technology developed by and between Microsoft strong and stubborn, which refuses to surrender and leave the difficult market simply by Nintendo and trying to maintain the share of the enormous Far East markets using distinctive ideas as well the public so biased and fanatics of the company there. All of this, if anything, it shows that the market is very greed and everything new competition open to all, and it appears that Sega has had to enlist the midst of the melee.

Has emerged horizon cooperation between Sega and NeuroSky company specializing in research and technology industries vital signs and medical devices, and it seems that cooperation would be in connection with the use of signals emitted from the human mind and converted to digital signals, but in the field of play and this is the excellence sought by Sega to believe all. Since Sega denied the existence of any plan to produce another tight game platform that it is in harmony with its strategy to develop and deploy games for other platforms, which makes us believe they will be used this technique in a normal game temporarily for concrete testing and technical experience and study and development and then directed to the field of video games or Kmtorp Games Might change their minds and offer them their own platform